Check out the variety of videos I've recently been in and have created. I am in the process of working with a team of amazing producers and we're putting together some video projects so you can learn new things. Use your brain in different ways or expand what knowledge you may already possess. I like having a good time so hopefully you'll enjoy what you see. Check out the video and links below...

There’s a new video over at my You Tube Channel, The Glass Studio. Go check it out. I’m starting a discussion on earrings. There will be multiple videos on the subject with the first one being about making ear wires. You must start somewhere, right?

As the title says, The first video is torch fired enamels with decals. I’m posting a new video updating this one soon!

This video was created for Grotto Network. I really like it!

"If you don't fail, you don't succeed," says hand blown glass artist Cathi Milligan. Her work creating beautiful glass pieces has taught her a lot about learning from mistakes and getting better every day. For more #GrottoStories subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Connect with us on social media!

Over at DIY Network you can see my appearance on DIY Jewelry creating a macrame necklace. That was one of 6 appearances I had on that show. Beads, fusing, and macrame. Good times. Here’s the link since I can’t embed the video…

Then there was that time that Buzzfeed came by to talk about memorial glass. For more information about that go to my other web site

Here’s a funny little video I did with King Keraun and his buddy. I taught them how to make some glass functional art…check it out. It’s funny! And a little naughty. NSFW.